Drama and the Psychological Experience

Students will have an opportunity to create and express themselves in the dramatic arts.  Psycho-drama, as well as theater arts, can offer a safe and creative space for the expression of feelings following some time exploring the world of personal feelings and how to communicate and experience healing in a safe and inviting space.


Group and individual psychology will be discussed with opportunities to communicate feelings in a psychologically supportive space with Dr. Missid Ghanem, PsyD., Psychologist and founder of World Wide Mental Health Organization and one of the original visionaries behind the Summer of Hope experience for the children. Dr. Ghanem has spent many hours offering a healing and therapeutic experience for refugee children and their families in Houston public schools and the Houston Syrian community. Dr. Ghanem draws on his many years in the practice of psychology and his own experience in a country at war and as a refugee to his present vocation in the healing art of psychotherapy.

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